Big Badda Boom!

Firstly, I can say conclusively that we have Google Checkout up and running. This means we can accept Debit and Credit Cards to pay for registration. Now you can sort out your registration payment at home from your web browser, easy as pie! Just remember you still need to book your hotel room too.

We have also opened a Tumblr Account. We will post everything that goes on our live journal there, so don't worry about needing to follow two accounts for the same information. You can find the address here

We are also taking questions to put to our Guests of Honour. Please feel free to send them to the Scotiacon twitter account @scotiacon. You can also use the "Ask us anything" box on Tumblr, just remember to tell us who you would like the question to be put to. We shall put the best to our guests of honour, and they will be printed in our Con Book for this year!

Also I would like to clear up confusion on how Flex Pay works. All you need to do is book and then you can pay at the hotel upon checking out. So you should have all the time you need in saving the money to pay.

With ScotiaCon getting closer, and closer, we are really looking forward to seeing you all. You might notice Flyers starting to arrive at your local Fur Meets, we are just under 2 months away! This would be a great time to pop over to our website and secure yourself a spot at the convention; it also might be time for me to look for a Fez… Fezs are cool.

Captain, We're Being Hailed

It’s proving to be quite a busy, yet rewarding month here, but I thought I would take a second out to give everyone a quick update on how things are going.

We are now hard at work getting Google Checkout fully implemented. This means you will be able to pay online with a secure and fast method. Google Checkout accepts all major credit cards and signature debit cards including: VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®. The option of paying via bank transfer will still be available for anyone who either wishes to not use this system or cannot. We are still looking into opening up more payment options as well. If anyone will have trouble with the methods currently available please contact us at, we don’t want anyone to miss out.

ScotiaCon is now only just over three months away, 114 days to be exact. So expect updates to become more substantial as events and all the little details are finalized. We have some awesome things planned and we can’t wait to start letting you know about them! For more information you can visit our website at

Registration deadline extended!

Scotiacon 2012

Over the last few days we’ve had an influx of registrations from people wanting to snap up attendance to ScotiaCon 2012. However, a lot of you have also asked if there was anyway we could push back our closing date for registrations as you’d also love to attend but needed a little more time.

We couldn’t imagine all those unhappy faces if we said “no”, so after some behind-the-scenes re-jigging, we’re really happy to announce that registration for ScotiaCon 2012: Keep Calm & Sing-Along! has been pushed back to one month before the con starts: 27th June 2012.

We hope that this will be welcome news to all of you wishing to attend SC. Please remember this will be the final deadline but we recommend you sign up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as the hotel rooms are being booked up quick!

We can’t wait to see you in Inverness very soon,

The ScotiaCon team.

Full Trailer Unveiled

Scotiacon 2012

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Admittedly a little behind it’s first unveiling but whether you’ve already got your ticket or not, you’ll want to watch our full trailer for ScotiaCon 2012. We’d love to hear what you think so please leave us your comments and thoughts. We’re pretty confident that if you like the trailer you’re going to LOVE ScotiaCon 2012!

We’ve tried to go a different angle again and return this year with another not-your-average-con-trailer while also representing our fun and cheeky side. We’d also like to thank everyone who expressed interest in helping us out on the trailer and to those lovely people who came along on the day in the end – some were not even staff and some didn’t even attend the first ScotiaCon! Some travelled from all over the UK to get here and we think that’s indicative of what we like to do here at ScotiaCon: just because we’re in Scotland doesn’t mean we can’t appeal to the rest of the world! Scotland is a beautiful country and ScotiaCon is a blast – so stop reading already and book your tickets!

Teaser Trailer Released

Scotiacon 2012

Hello, hello and welcome to 2012!

We’re starting it off with a bang – our teaser trailer for ScotiaCon 2012: Keep Calm & Sing-Along! has just been released. Check it out and find out what’s in store when we release our epic full trailer in just a few weeks! Also, let us know your thoughts – we love hearing back from all you fuzzes on how excited you are for Scotland’s only furry convention (and the world’s most musical!).

What’s your new years resolution this year? We know ours – to make this year’s ScotiaCon even better than last years. “WHAT?! Impossible!” we hear you cry, we know, it’s going to be tough – but we’re ready for the challenge! Expect some ridiculously awesome videos and news from us over the next coming months and remember…

You can still register for ScotiaCon TODAY and book your room for as little as £60. The Flexi-pay system in place with the hotel means you can pay your hotel bill off at any point that SUITS YOU before the con.

Who says ScotiaCon wasn’t affordable? We have no idea either.

Registration is open!

Scotiacon 2012

Tenors and Sopranos – welcome to registration for ScotiaCon 2012: Keep Calm and Sing-Along!

Yes, registration is now OPEN so head on over the page where it all happens and do you part for the sake of music! Believe us; this is NOT to be missed!

Do it for Dorothy Gale, do it for Danny Zuko – hell – do it for YOURSELVES and sign up now for what promises to be perhaps the best weekend in 2012. Don’t forget, with FLEXI-PAY, you can register now and book your rooms for as little as £60. Then it’s up to you when you want to pay the rest off – making ScotiaCon 2012 really affordable.

Thank you, and goodnight! (or happy registering…)

The ScotiaCon team.

Guests of Honor announced!

Scotiacon 2012

A lot of you have been waiting for this news for a while now, we know! So, without further ado, we are very, very, VERY proud and excited to announce that ScotiaCon 2012 will be host to two of the biggest names in anthropomorphic art in Europe, and perhaps even the world – Kaji and Nimrais. Most of you will probably be familiar with their work on FA – where collectively, they hold over 400,000 pageviews and are constantly known for their brilliant stylistic and visual pieces. What makes these two stand out even more? Well, they’re also an adorable couple and have devoted a lot of their time to bettering the furry community – whether it be donating art to various publications or even helping out at conventions such as EF.

Expect these two to bring some magical work to ScotiaCon 2012 and set the Dealer’s Den and auction alight! For those of you into collecting art of the highest calibre or even those of you who just appreciate it and would love to see their high quality work up close and personal, we recommend you book your tickets this Saturday!

Don’t forget – with our new FLEXI-PAY system for booking your official hotel rooms, you can register your place and room at ScotiaCon 2012: Keep Calm and Sing-Along! from as little as £60!

Good news everyone…

Scotiacon 2012

We’ve got exciting news today of something brand new that could make ScotiaCon your most affordable con yet!

We’ve struck a deal with our official convention hotel – the Mercure Inverness – that allows our attendees to pay for their room on ANY DAY OF THEIR CHOICE up to day of check-in. We call it FLEXI-PAY, and we think you’re going to love it as much as we do! Simply put, if you registered this Saturday and booked your room, you wouldn’t have to pay a penny, for the room, till the first day of your stay at the hotel (that’s almost 7 months of money saving) or for some of you who wish to have more money to spend on the Dealer’s Den, Art Auction or alcohol (of course!), you could pay on any day from now to the con. This basically means that our attendees have a greater flexibility in paying for the convention on a whole. It also means that you can book your room and ticket at ScotiaCon this Saturday when registration opens – for as little as £60.

If that’s not a sign that we’re working hard to make sure every furry out there has the best chance possible to make ScotiaCon 2012, we don’t know what is!

Sign up this weekend and register your place at ScotiaCon 2012: Keep Calm and Sing-Along!

Everybody, Chaaange domains!

That's right everyone, we've had to move domains over here at ScotiaCon HQ so if you're trying to email us or find our main website then you'll want to be going to for the website and remember it's for emails instead now.

Sorry for the inconvenience but these things happen!

What you’ve all been waiting for!

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Loyal followers and curious minds, get ready for some mind blowing information…

The ScotiaCon team are delighted to announce that we will be opening up for pre-registration on MONDAY 1ST NOVEMBER 2010. That’s 4 days away! It’s taken a while to decide on the best method for registration in our challenging and very expensive first year,  but we hope that you’ll all be happy with the simple but effective registration process that will cement you a place for the totally fantastic first ever ScotiaCon!

With very limited numbers at our fabulous hotel, we’re hoping that pre-registration will secure tickets and rooms for those of you who have been waiting since 2009 for a place. We then plan to open up for full registration a week or two after.

For more information on the registration process, data handling and prices please see our registration guide which will go live with the registration system.

Once again, thank you so much for your patience– we hope you’ll show your support for the UK Furry community by signing up for Scotland’s first ever furry convention.

If news of registration opening wasn’t enough for you we also suggest you flush you web browser’s cache (Shift-F5) on our Fur Affinity, Live Journal and even Twitter accounts to see the newest round of amazing artwork by TsaiWolf! He’s outdone himself again by whipping up a new user icon for Wallace and now the Twitter account has an updated Wallace pondering the Scotiacon Twit stream so why not drop by his FA page and send him a little appreciation if you already haven’t!